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Solarge-Mondragon Assembly-Grupo Fagor
Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly has been chosen to supply a solar module production line to the Netherlands

Mondragon Assembly, a specialist turnkey line with high technological value and adaptable to any existing need in the solar industry, has recently received an order from the Dutch photovoltaic module…
Fagor Group

Fagor 2030 sustainability strategy: Fagor Group continues working for a better future

The Fagor Group has just approved its sustainability strategy named Fagor 2030. Thanks to it, sustainability will play a fundamental role in both the Group's governance and strategy. In the…

Copreci acquires Defendi Italia’s gas valve manufacturing and control assets

Copreci S. Coop, one of the world leader manufacturer of components for household appliances, has closed an agreement to purchase all the assets of the valve production process from the…
Fagor Arrasate

Fagor Arrasate resumes operations at its two plants in China

After the shutdown, the staff has been gradually incorporated into groups and is now almost fully operational. The Chinese subsidiary makes it possible to continue providing clients with assistance and…
Fagor Arrasate

Fagor Arrasate establishes itself as a reference in large presses

Fagor Arrasate will supply TPV Group with a large 30,000 kN servo transfer press and a 10,000 kN servo press for stamping parts for the automotive industry.
Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly, member of the Fagor Group, will build machines to produce surgical masks

Mondragon Assembly, member of the Fagor Group, will build machines to produce surgical masks. The Bexen Medical cooperative will be in charge of manufacturing these masks. The goal is to…
Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly shows its solutions at “Intersolar India”

Mondragon Assembly has presented its solutions for the manufacture of solar panels at the “Intersolar India” show, held in Bangalore on 27-29 November. “Intersolar India” is a leading international exhibition…
Fagor Electronica

Fagor Electrónica delivers its 100th flight equipment to Airbus

Three years ago Fagor Electrónica began to supply the first electronic power equipment for the aeronautical giant.
Fagor Automation

Fagor Automation has developed QUERCUS, the CNC automation system

This solution keeps certain features in mind, such as the ease of integrating third-party applications, flexibility, and customization.