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Why Fagor?


We are pioneers in the MONDRAGON cooperative experience. We are a benchmark in the cooperative world and we continue to work in that area. We are based on a democratic and humanist model of understanding and making a company.


We create and share wealth and we are committed to Sustainable Development Goals. We work for a democratic, just and sustainable society.


People are at the centre of our activity. We work continuously to create contexts that facilitate their commitment and their involvement, as we are aware that people are the cornerstones of the daily activity of our cooperatives.

Join Fagor


What do we offer?

To be part of the business-partner project

The Fagor Group has implemented several business-partner projects. We work continuously for innovation, understanding, learning, teaching, constructing, creating and developing new projects, and you can be part of all that.

Group work

A single project covers a great variety of areas and specialists. Each one contributes their bit to the project being developed, you can also contribute yours. Every experience will reward you.

Opportunity for internal promotion

The Fagor Group offers you the chance to continuously improve. You will be able to choose from the jobs published by the cooperative members of the group, in order to be able to adapt, advance or have new experiences.

Offering new solutions to society’s challenges

The Fagor Group takes on social challenges. In this regard, we attempt to create the means to provide a solution to these challenges, always based on the experience and knowledge of its members. All this offers you the chance to develop your capability to adapt to new situations.

In the Fagor Group,

what matters are its members

Amaia Astigarraga

Fagor Electrónica

“Thanks to Fagor I have been able to take part in a global project”

Aitor Lertxundi

Fagor Electrónica

“This is ours and we have to demonstrate that we value it”

Ander Burguera


“Fagor has offered me the chance to have international experiences”

Irati Guzman

Fagor Electrónica

“Thanks to Fagor, I have been able to develop professionally and personally”

Beñat Madariaga


“At Fagor, I’m experiencing the technological development of the company in a leading cooperative at global level”