Why are we concerned about sustainability?

We view sustainability as a means of innovating within our cooperative project, and aim to become world leaders in adapting our cooperative project to the new era, which will be characterised by sustainability.

of the Fagor Group


Transforming our businesses in order to remain competitive and continue to generate employment in the context of the digital, decarbonised and circular economy.


We are digitalising our production processes, products and services.

Circular economy

We work to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life-cycle.


We are diversifying our product portfolio in order to replace products that a sustainable society will not need.


Continuing to improve and develop our democratic governance model, the principal hallmark of our identity.

Modernization of the regulatory framework

We are modernising our regulatory framework to ensure a governance model that is not only democratic, but effective also.

Training and empowerment of the members of our various governing bodies

We promote the training and empowering of people that have been chosen in the various bodies so that they can perform adequately their corresponding role in the governance of the cooperative.

Cooperative culture

We are committed to the cooperative education of the partners with the aim of constructing a co-responsible cooperative culture.


We have strengthened our communication to bring Fagor’s cooperative project closer to its partners and make what we are doing known to society.


Creating the conditions necessary for everyone to give the very best of themselves.


We promote more horizontal organisational models and teamwork to ensure that our business project makes full use of everyone’s knowledge and capacity.


We foster the employability of our people to ensure that they will be able to adapt to the changes that will occur in the labour market over the coming years.

Co-responsibility in achieving a good work-life balance

We promote co-responsibility in order to ensure that everyone is able to achieve a good work-life balance.

Gender equality

We foster equality between men and women, as a means of closing the gender gap.

Health surveillance

We care for the health of our workforce, taking steps to prevent occupational accidents and promoting active healthcare.

Normalisation of the Basque language

We work towards Basque normalisation, with the aim of offering our people the possibility of working in that language.


Constantly working to reduce its carbon footprint in response to the climate emergency.

Net Zero

We set our targets and define the steps to be taken in order to be Net Zero by 2050.


Engaging in social transformation in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Debagoiena 2030

We are promoters of the D2030 initiative, which aims to promote the transformation of our territory towards sustainability.

Gizabidea Foundation

We promote cooperative education through the Gizabidea Foundation.

Mundukide Foundation

We support community development in developing countries through the Mundukide Foundation.

Sustainable Development Goals

To achieve these goals, we encourage the commitment of our worker-members through a range of different initiatives, including FagorMugi and others.

Sustainability report 2022