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What is the Fagor Group?

We are the largest industrial cooperative group in the Basque Country, made up of eight cooperatives that operate in different sectors. All have their corporate headquarters in Debagoiena, but are active internationally.

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What cooperatives make up the Fagor Group?

The Fagor Group is made up of eight cooperatives: Fagor Ederlan, Fagor Arrasate, Copreci, Fagor Industrial, Fagor Electrónica, Fagor Automation, Mondragon Assembly and Galbaian. All have their corporate headquarters in Debagoiena.

How many worker-members does the Fagor Group have?

The Fagor Group is owned by its worker-members. It is they who decide the direction the cooperatives will take in the future. Currently, the cooperatives of the Fagor Group have more than 10,000 workers, of which over 5,000 are worker-members.

What does the Fagor Group contribute in the field of sustainability?

Moving towards sustainability is one of the Fagor Group’s principal goals. To this end, we approved our own sustainability strategy, Fagor 2030, during the 2021 General Assembly. For this and other reasons, we are a benchmark in this field.

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