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Mondragon Assembly, member of the Fagor Group, will build machines to produce surgical masks. The Bexen Medical cooperative will be in charge of manufacturing these masks. The goal is to produce 10 million masks every month.

It was the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Medical Devices who contacted both companies last week with a clear proposal: “producing as many surgical masks as possible, in the shortest possible time”.

A week later, the project is already underway. As a result, thanks to the machines that Mondragon Assembly is producing, it is expected that Bexel Medical will have the productive capacity to make 10 million surgical masks every month by the end of April.

These two cooperatives that belong to the Mondragon Corporation have received this request due to their background: Bexen Medical has years of experience producing medical products, and Mondragon Assembly has all the knowledge that is needed to manufacture machines able to produce these kind of products.

News update (31-03-2020)

Besides the three machines that will be referred to Bexen Medical, Mondragon Assembly will send a fourth machine for the Spanish Government.

About Fagor Group:

The Fagor Group is the largest industrial cooperative group in the Basque Country, composed by 8 technologically and socially advanced cooperatives, able to offer solutions in many different areas to companies from all over the world.

The Fagor Group has always had a vocation to collaborate with different agents to respond to social challenges. For that very reason, at the time this health crisis began, the cooperatives that belong to the Group made an internal examination of the contribution they could make to help in this situation. This initiative is a great example of this.